Leona came up to Orkney for a week of experimenting with sound capture. I had put together some ideas in metal, she had brought all kinds of recording equipment, including hydrophones. We loved the sounds made by the free chimes in the wind. Leona’s website of amazing projects,      

VACMA award

I was very pleased to receive a VACMA award last year. It has funded some new experiments in texturing, and I’ve learned to make my own tools, and much more besides. Here are just a few pictures of my new tools, and some texture samples  

Exhibition 2017

‘Circle and Line’, the title of our exhibition this year. The theme came about when we both realised that we owned our Grandfather’s compasses. Mine, a lighthouse keeper, Katherine’s, a sea captain. We began thinking about geometry, and measurement; circles, lines. Also, when you align two compasses, they affect each other’s north. This is a … [Read more…]

Making my own tools

Last year I received a VACMA award to fund some new learning, particularly to find ways to emboss texture onto metal. This summer I’m off to the South to train in some new techniques, but I’ve also done some experimenting on my own. These are the results from grinding down cold chisels to make chasing … [Read more…]

New for old

Preparing ‘used’ aluminium takes some time; scouring it to remove scratch marks and cutting it to make the most of a strange shape. As I am ‘fettling’ it ready for use, I am already thinking about what it might make. It interests me that a piece of sheet metal, which might look rather industrial and … [Read more…]