1. Fiona, I am coming to Orkney for a few days from sat 20 May. We are in Stromness until wed eve. I think your metal limpets are just fantastic. I am slightly obsessed with limpets and make various items from limpet casts, including colourd latex ones. Is there any chance you would run a ” beach workshop” for me? You could use me as a test run?! Very happy to pay. There could potentially be 3 of us, so perhaps more worth your while. Sadly I am not there for your beach session with Katherine Diaper. That sounds fun. I look forward to hearing from you. Do you have an open studio for visitors? Sarah

    • fiona.sanderson@mac.com

      Hi Sarah, how exciting, yes of course you can have a beach workshop! Let me have a think about dates and maybe we can plan a couple of dates so that we can choose the best forecast when you are here. You sound just as interested in limpets as I am, wow! Smelting on the beach with found materials is fun, and if there are three of you that’s perfect.
      Are you open to some other experimental creative beach work too? If so maybe we can plan for say 3 hours on the beach, and maybe cook lunch there/ have a fire cairn, that kind of thing too.

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