Exhibition 2017

‘Circle and Line’, the title of our exhibition this year. The theme came about when we both realised that we owned our Grandfather’s compasses. Mine, a lighthouse keeper, Katherine’s, a sea captain. We began thinking about geometry, and measurement; circles, lines.

Also, when you align two compasses, they affect each other’s north. This is a great metaphor for collaboration!

We did quite a bit of preparatory work on circles and lines, working especially on the beach at Warbeth. This is by the remaining parts of the wreck of the Norholmen. Working in place is very creative I find, and also led to some new writing projects for me this year.


So, it was a very good two weeks in ‘Northlight’ gallery, the work looked great, attracted lots of interest, and sold well. Lots of local customers as well as international ones, we were delighted!

Here are some gallery pictures

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